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Mesmerizing Natural Beauty


Zug: Mesmerizing Natural Beauty

Zug, once a small sleepy town in Switzerland, has today become a global city that serves as business hub for many multinational companies of the world. It is still a very beautiful and peaceful city situated along the banks of a lake that is close to mountains with snow capped peaks.
Zug has a large expat community because of employees of so many companies living here. All these people of different nationalities give Zug a cosmopolitan flavor. Zug is a very high quality destination for the tourists with breathtaking natural scenery awaiting them when they come here for holidays.

Zug may not be as popular as Zurich or Lucerne among the tourists, but it has a lot to offer to the tourists in terms of natural beauty and relaxing holidays. The city has taken giant leaps in the last few decades and it has emerged as the financial headquarters of the country in recent times. It is considered as a tax heaven by companies and this is the reason why they have their offices in Zug. However, Zug is famous among tourists not because of high level of economic activities but because of its extraordinarily beautiful sunsets and delicious cherries that are produced in the nearby areas.

Zug is the capital of the Canton or the region that is also called Zug. The reason that it is a low tax city is enough for 27000 companies to have registered themselves here. This is a number that is equal to the total population of this beautiful city. Zug is a wealthy city with 3% of the petrol used by the world getting traded from here. Also, most of the computer parts sold in the world are made with metals sold through Zug.

Lake Zug, the surrounding Alps Mountains, and the Clock Tower are the most popular attractions among the tourists coming to Zug.  The sunsets in Zug, particularly on the lake, are so enticing and alluring that even the locals stop to catch the picturesque views in the evenings.

It is the name of a spot on the top of the hill called Guggi. You can get beautiful views of the entire city as well as the lake from here.

Clock Tower
This is the tallest tower in Zug. You can reach the top of this tower by taking the keys from the local police station.

Powder Tower
This is another tall tower in Zug that provides views of the beautiful natural scenery of the city.

Zug Castle
You can visit this historical monument and also see a museum housed inside.