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The Magnificent Sightseeing Sites in the Largest Swiss City – Zurich

Zurich is a significant financial capital; in fact, it is a global centre for banking and finance. Its financial influence transcends the Switzerland borders because many multinational corporations have their headquarters in Zurich. Subsequently, the city is a tourist destination because of its rich history and culture.  You will find most of the magnificent sites in the town centre within a three-hour walk. You can explore the architecture, visit the museums or even have fun activities.

Notably, Zurich is a busy city because many people travel to this city for business. It is worth noting that Zurich city has many international headquarters for big international corporate because of its financial influence. Therefore, the city is an economic centre, and it is the first landing destination for all tourists from all over the world who come to visit Switzerland. In this regard, it has the biggest airport to serve the huge tourist population. In addition, the airport serves the business associates who frequent Zurich city.

If you are planning to have a sightseeing tour around the city, you should put Zurich Lake in your list of things to do. A few hundred metres form the lakeshore; there is a park, which has a beautiful landscape. The park hosts a beautiful garden where you can sunbath and relax or play ports.  It is also a perfect playground for the children. When you continue with your exploration, you will come across a small delta with lakeside restaurants where you can enjoy a meal.

The second thing on your to do list should be a visit to the Frauenmünster (Cathedral). The cathedral was a present by Emperor Ludwig to his daughter, Hildegard. You will find the magnificent architecture breath taking. It has three aisles with a pillared cathedral, and you will see the vault of the ninth century Abbey church.

Another interesting place to visit while in Zurich is the Limmatquai and the Rathaus (Town Hall). The popular street contains elegant guild houses. You will admire the wealth of the guilds as well as enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants houses in these old buildings. The street reflects the beauty of the dynamic city and the robust nightlife in this fun city.

When you want a chance to enjoy the sun while in Zurich, visit the golden coast of Zurich city. It is the lower eastern side of the lake. It has magnificent scenery, and it is a fabulous place because it has sunlight even when the other regions of the city do not have it during winter evenings. Notably, the Mediterranean vegetation meets the lake water at this point. It is a prime location with timeless architectu