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Characterized by Unique Diversity in Serene Environment

Aargau – Characterized by Unique Diversity in Serene Environment

Aargau – Characterized by Unique Diversity in Serene Environment

The Canton of Aargau is one of the top northerly cantons of Switzerland. It is so named as it is located in the lower course of the Aare and Aar-gau means Aare province. It is densely populated, one of the most densely populated region in Switzerland. The region is an inspiration for lovers of nature and culture because of its natural beauty and the many castles that one can visit in the area.

Among the many places to visit in the Aargau region, the famous Aargau castles have a fascinating past that attracts people from different parts of the world. Some of the top castles in Aargau are Schloss Lenzburg, Hallwyl Castle, Stein Castle, Ruine Laufenburg and more. One can witness many exhibitions and performances of the era of knights and know about the noble Habsburg family who have their roots here. The area has more than 70 museums and exhibitions that include Strohmuseum im Park.

For the thrill seekers, Aargau offers around 1,065 kilometres to hike and about 1,000 kilometres to cycle for demanding as well as leisure hikes. These hikes pass through some of the amazing places with lush meadows, shady forests, lakes and beautiful floodplains. One of the gems is the wetland landscape where the Reuss and Limmat meet with the River Aare.

For those looking to relax, Aargau has a number of hot sulphur springs like the Baden and Schinznach-Bad that one would only expect in Iceland. You can explore the various protected wetlands and see rare plants and native animals along the river banks. This is the area where the Aare, Reuss and Limmat rivers meet to form a pool which is one of the major attractions in the area.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast, cultural fanatic or a romantic, you will be able to have an exciting time at Aargau.