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Ascona is a municipality in the district of Locarno in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. It is located on the shore of Lake Maggiore. The town is a popular tourist destination, and holds a yearly jazz festival, the Ascona Jazz Festival.

The most seasoned archeological finds in Ascona at S. Materno and S. Michele retreat to the beginnings of Late Bronze Age. Amid the development of the burial ground in 1952, a necropolis was found at S. Materno, with 21 cremation urns were found. The urns were either essentially covered or secured with a stone chunk box. They contained cremated bones and, sometimes, bronze grave products. Specifically noteworthy are the bronze ornaments, which are among the most oldest that have been discovered so far in Switzerland. They additionally give vital proof to the relationship of this territory to the way of life of the Italian Peninsula. The grave products have likenesses with those from the last period of the supposed Canegrate society named after a vast necropolis in Milan. Be that as it may, the materials utilized are those of the late Bronze Age north of the Alps. This permitted the graveyard to be dated to the period between the twelfth and tenth Centuries BC and calls attention to that Ascona participated in exchange over the Alps through the Val Mesolcina and over Lake Maggiore with the Po Valley.

Comparable articles were found by exploratory unearthing in the late 1960s on the palace slope of San Michele. Both fine earthenware production and coarse ceramics were found, which endorses that this region was settled amid the Late Bronze Age, regardless of the possibility that there is no confirmation to the city structures. Stays of dividers and earth from the Balladrum slope are the main Iron Age objects found in the district. However, the exact age is vague. The main thing that has been convincingly distinguished is a single flagon from the sixth to fifth Century BC.

From the Roman Empire, a necropolis with 38 tombs at the foot of the Castle of S. Materno was found. The gear found close to the graves focuses to the period in the mid-first or second Century AD. The necropolis was most likely connected with a house.

Ascona is Switzerland’s lowest lying settlement. It is located at 196 meters above sea level on the northern shore of Lago Maggiore, also called Lake Langen. Ascona is famous for its mallow climate, its Old Town and a lake promenade which is sprinkled with street cafés and boasts a Latin atmosphere. The church of San Pietro e Paolo, which is located in Ascona’s old center of town, Borgo, is well worth a stay. The church is a basilica dating back to the 16th century. The interior of the basilica is defined by pillars. Its high bell tower is the landmark of the vacation destination of Ascona. The branching lanes of the Old Town lead to the car-free zone of the Lake Promenade with its charming street cafés.

The Monte Verità, the Mountain of Truth, lies above Ascona. People who subscribed to philosophies off the beaten track established a colony here at the beginning of the 20th century. The colony fascinated celebrities from all over the world. Today the mountain is a place where the universities of Lucerne and Zurich hold seminars, and a museum platforms the history of the alternative colony and its founders.

Nowadays, the resort of Ascona, which is very close to Locarno, boasts a beautiful 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, and sophisticated boutiques for shopping trips, a large open-air swimming pool, smart hotels and many excellent restaurants, lovely walks in parkland, surfing, sailing and other water sports, not to mention boat trips on Lake Maggiore. There are many chances for excursions, hiking and biking in the beautifully wild scenery of the nearby side valleys of the Tessin such as the Maggiatal and Centovalli.

In the nearby Valle Verzasca you find a very big dam, one of many in Switzerland, built to produce electrical energy. Its height is just about 220 meter and the Crest length extends to 380 meter in length. You can walk over the crown of the dam and enjoy the spectacular view down to the valley ground. If you are recounting on your memory that you have seen this dam somewhere and it looks pretty familiar to the one you have in imagination then yes you can give a pat on your back you just memorized a scene from the list of movies you watched.

Pierce Brosnan when played a role in James Bond, his famous Bungee-Jump in “Goldeneye” was filmed on this dam.

If you have kids this place is a definite visit. It is a place full of fun for your kids and they can spend a very enjoyable time with a visit to this place. The place is all filled with a great model rail where kids can ride on the little cars, electric or real steam powered engines which are operated by the club members. And on the same premise is also a nice play-ground which ideally adds cheery to the top.

Another fun filled experience you can have while your stay at Ascona is that you can rent a boat and cruise the shore line of Lago Maggiore. While you are on your voyage you get to see the beautiful houses of the rich and famous people of Ascona from the lake side. With the little motor boats you can also surround the Brissago Islands within an hour.

The place is a worth it experience for all who wants to create some beautiful memories while they are alive and the place is a fun for all ages. The other important feature of this place is the luxurious hotels it offers to the visitors, they are not to be found anywhere on the earth. You must give a visit to this place to soothe your mind and heart to a stunning views of the Ascona and to fill the appetite with some amazing food.