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Lugano Lugano (Italian: Lugano) is a city in southern Switzerland, in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, which borders Italy. The population of the city proper was 71.500, and the population of the urban agglomeration was over 145,000. It is the 9th largest city of Switzerland by population, the largest city in Ticino, and the largest city with an Italian speaking population in majority outside Italy. The city lies on Lake Lugano, surrounded by the mountains of the Lugano Prealps. Its warm summers and the fact that in recent years it has attracted an ever growing number of celebrities, entertainers, and successful athletes to visit this place have earned for itself...
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Locarno Locarno is the capital of the Locarno area, situated on the northern tip of Lake Maggiore (Lago Maggiore) in the Swiss canton of Ticino, near Ascona at the foot of the Alps. It has a populace of around 15,000 and 60,000 for the urban range including Ascona. The official language of Locarno is Italian. It is the 74th greatest city in Switzerland by population and the third greatest of the canton Ticino, after Lugano and Bellinzona. The Locarno International Film Festival happens each year in August in the city and, around evening time, on the Piazza Grande. The Locarno Treaties were arranged here in 1925. In January 2004, the...
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Lenzerheide Lenzerheide is a mountain resort in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. It lies at the foot of the Parpaner Rothorn. The village belongs to the municipality Vaz/Obervaz in the district of Albula, sub-district Alvaschein. The village lies in a broadened section of the valley between the cantonal capital Church to the north and Tiefencastel, beyond which are the Julier Pass and St Moritz. The high valley forms a pass of no official name, often referred to as Lenzerheide Pass, with a culmination point located 5 km north of the village. Lenzerheide is popular as skiing resort and for its lake Heidsee, which is frozen in winter. The Lenzerheide Bergbahnen...
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Lauterbrunnen A small unspoilt village of Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen is a municipality in the Interlaken-Oberhasli administrative district of the Bern. Nestled between the towering walls of the sheer-sided trough valleys in the Alps, hallmarked for its 72 waterfalls, it is one of the must-see Switzerland destinations. Sandwiched between haltingly beautiful mountain peaks and gigantic rock faces, this chocolate village with its colorful alpine meadows, scheduled valleys and beautiful isolated mountain inns, offer the cream of Switzerland sightseeing. The most famous waterfall of the destination is the Staubbach Falls. It is the highest free-falling waterfalls of Europe, falling down from almost 300 meters height of an overhanging rock face. This fall is...
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Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne Lake Lucerne is a lake found in central Switzerland it is predominantly considered the fourth largest lake present in the country. The uniqueness of the lake is its complicated shape, following several sharp bends and quadrilateral arms. It originates from the south-north bound of Reuss Valley amid steep cliffs above the Urnersee from Flüelen and to Brunnen to the north where it takes a sharp turn to the west and from here it falls into the Gersauer Becken. Lucerne is a town in Switzerland and the Lucerne lake flows through it, due to its elegantly constructed notable buildings and amiable atmosphere Lucerne easily makes it to the ranking...
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Jungfrau Top of Europe

Jungfrau Top of Europe The world is full of amazing tourist destinations where travellers can get to experience breathtaking views of the natural lay of the land and surroundings. One such sight is the Jungfraujoch, which is otherwise fittingly referred to as the Top of Europe. As the highest viewpoint in Europe, the Jungfraujoch is located on the summit of the Alpine mountain range. This popular destination is worth at least a single visit in a lifetime after which you will be longing for a follow up in future. Below we will take a more detailed view of this enchanting tourist destination where you will experience unparalleled sights and sounds....
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Jungfrau Region

Jungfrau Region While you may be at a loss of selecting the most beautiful place of Switzerland, the Jungfrau region definitely is one of the top contenders. Starting from the largest town of this region, the Interlaken, the Jungfrau region stretches to the south to the Jungfrau Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage. Between the start and end point, lies the breathtakingly beautiful Alpine nature and number of tourist hot spot villages like Murren and Wengen which are car free areas and the Grindelwald village. The region is almost the top of Europe and forms a massive wall opposite of Bernese Oberland and the Swiss Plateau, two distinctive places of the...
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Klosters – Drench Yourself In This Majestic Ski Resort And Enjoy Its Thrilling Ski Opportunities

Klosters – Drench Yourself In This Majestic Ski Resort And Enjoy Its Thrilling Ski Opportunities Klosters is a beautiful ski resort and international holiday resort, situated in Prättigau/Davo, Switzerland, at a height of 1,179 m above sea level. The romantic settings of this village are a sharp contrast to the active metropolis of Devos. Come here to enjoy staying in an authentic chalet. It’s combination of Swiss architecture and modern facilities make it super-sophisticated and exciting. Holiday Destination For Families The majestic mountains and snow landscape lend a unique quality to this beautiful place. Klosters is the epitome of British understatement for beauty. This is a holiday destination most suitable...
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Gersau A beautiful village located in the hollow of the sunny and warm southern slopes of the Rigi, Gersau is a beautiful and romantic destination sitting on the banks of Lake Lucerne in the south and sheltered by Rigi-Hochfluh and Gersauerstock in the north. Since this village is bestowed with particularly warm climate and abundant, bright and vivid flora like chestnut, palm, etc., the village is counted amongst the top Switzerland summer destination and popularly nicknamed as ‘Riviera of Lake Lucerne’. Because of its exceptional location, the place could only be accessed by water till the 19th century. The village is 1656 meters above sea level. A health resort was...
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Fribourg Fribourg, one of the largest medieval towns of Switzerland is a unique destination which is nestled on a rocky promontory and enveloped by the Saane River on its three sides. It is a unique city showcasing medieval charms along with the most prominent language divide of Switzerland. The city stands as an important economic, administrative and educational hub along with its symbolic cultural border. The west bank of the Saane River is the French-Speaking Switzerland while its east bank is dominated by the German speaking population. Its rich and diverse cultural cocktail, sizeable student population and Catholicism give this town a unique and original vibe while its feisty nightlife...
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