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Chateau Chillon Castle by Executive Limousines Services | Museum | Weddings

Chateau Chillon

Chateau Chillon – Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle – With the name Switzerland comes in mind the strikingly beautiful oceanic landscape followed by greenery, and captivating mountain that has all the energies in the world to attract any person to spend their vacations and spend beautiful evenings with your family and dear ones. Switzerland is a place to be especially when you have tied-knot recently.

The Chillon Castle is an island palace situated on Lake Geneva, south of Veytaux in the canton of Vaud. It is located at the eastern end of the lake, on the slender shore in the middle of Montreux and Villeneuve, which offers access to the Alpine valley of the Rhone. Chillon is amongst the most stop at mansions in Switzerland and Europe. Explorers come here for stunning landscape however are enchanted by the numerous social attractions. Saturated with history, urban communities, for example, Zurich, Geneva, and Lausanne offer fantastic exhibition halls and displays, memorable structures, and famous music celebrations. The capital is Bern with a dazzling medieval old town embracing the criminal of a waterway. Germany, Italy, Austria, and France border.
The Chateau de (Chillon Castle) has motivated specialists and journalists for a considerable length of time. Master Byron, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and Victor Hugo are among the illuminating attendances who have expounded on this engineering treasure. Once the fortification of the Counts and Dukes of Savoy from the twelfth century, the complex includes around 25 structures grouped around three yards. Highlights incorporate the Great Halls, with sublime perspectives of Lake Geneva; the Gothic underground rooms; the Chapel, embellished with fourteenth century canvases; and the Camera Domini, a room involved by the Duke of Savoy brightened with medieval paintings.
There is an intriguing fact about this castle that will surely lift eye brows of some of the history oriented travelers and that is amid the sixteenth century Wars of Religion, it was utilized by the dukes of Savoy to house detainees. Its most well-known prisoner was likely François de Bonivard, a Genevois friar, earlier of St. Victor in Geneva and legislator who was detained there in 1530 for protecting his country from the dukes of Savoy. Over his six-year term, de Bonivard paced similarly as his chain would permit, and the chain and trench are still obvious. He was saved in 1536 by his kinsmen and Bernese, who took the palace by power. The jail was living arrangement for Bernese bailiff until Chillon was changed over into a state jail in 1733. In 1798 when the French moved in and occupied the state the castle was turned into ammunition store and weapons depot.
Now it is being preserved as a historic place in the history pages of the Switzerland and there is now a possibility that if you want to celebrate your marriage occasion in the castle it can be rented however on the availability and not having clash from any religious events. If you want to get married anywhere in the Switzerland the Chillon Castle is the most appropriate place to start your love life.
It is like a focal point to the Montreux as from the Castle, you can reach Montreux by a water boat floating in the Lake Geneva or by utilizing transport common in the city (bus) or by walking through your way into the castle where you can appreciate ten mile of protected bays, circumscribed with bloom lined promenades, intriguing plants and palm trees.
More than 300,000 visitors come to see this beautiful Chillon (castle) every year. They see the divider sketches from the fourteenth century, the underground vaults, parade lobbies and the room (which has been protected in its unique structure) dating back to the time of Bernese rulers.
There is lot more to offer for everyone in this castle and no one is sure to go back from here disappointed. The Castle is the perfect venue for a Wedding.

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chillon_1456419516-150x150 Chateau Chillon

Chateau Chillon Entrance by Executive Limousines Services

chillon_1456420271-150x150 Chateau Chillon

Chateau Chillon Inside View by Executive Limousines Services