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Crypto Valley Zug, Bitcoin, Monetas, Xapo, ShapeShift, Ethereum

Crypto Valley Zug – The New Financial Hotspot

Zug, a small town beside a lake overlooked by snowy mountains, might seem like a small and cute Swiss town, but it is more than just that. Over the years, it has become a financial centre and this is why big companies like Bitcoin, Xapo, Monetas, Ethereum and ShapeShift have made Crypto Valley Zug their home. Located at a distance of about 25 km south of Zurich, Zug is a beautiful town with low taxes making it much easier for foreigners to settle down here.

Today, more and more young entrepreneurs are moving to Crypto Valley Zug in order to make it a centre for digitalisation. The city offers knowledge workers, stability, great infrastructure, low taxes and privacy which are important for digital companies and making a business friendly city.  According to statistics, the canton region of which Zug is the capital has about 27,000 companies registered with them. One of such company is building a gas pipeline linking Europe with Russia via the Baltic. Other luxury goods groups located in the area are Cartier, Piaget and Vacheron Constantin brands. In spite of all these, there is still lack of signs of wealth like stretch limos, nightclubs or casinos. Even if they are present, one needs to look hard to be able to find them.

Apart from being a tax haven for companies, the Crypto Valley Zug has a number of places to see for the tourists. There is an Art Museum that holds six annual exhibition of modern art and artists from around the world are invited to create the exhibition. People can take a romantic boat ride in Lake Zug and enjoy the sunset. People can take a tour of the Baar Caves or a tour to the old town with buildings of the Gothic period. The Chapel of former Cistercian abbey is also famous for its fine choir stall and the stained glass windows.

Zug as government is very open to the newest development and is the first government that accepts bitcoin for government services!