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Luxurious Swiss Holiday in Basel

Experience Culture Unlimited with a Luxurious Swiss Holiday in Basel

If you are planning on going on a European tour, Basel should be on top of your list of places to visit. This city is rich with exciting tourist attractions and memorable experiences that you must definitely have in your lifetime. From historical buildings to beautiful modern architecture, most definitely, one will have a grand time sightseeing across town. Basel is best experienced as you ride a Swiss limo while going on a tour all over the city. Schedule your visit when there are conventions being held or when a festival or carnival is in place—surely, this will make your trip to Basel even more worthwhile.

Here are some of the attractions and things to do while in Basel that you should definitely have on your itinerary:

    • Go on a food trip: Because of the ideal location of Basel, its wide range of cuisines and dishes that are rich in taste will surely satisfy even the most discriminating taste buds. This is your chance to experience culture unlimited as the mixes of flavors in recipes are truly limitless when it comes to satisfaction.


    • Cruise along the Rhine on board a traditional ferry: The Rhine is one of the most famous rivers in Europe and has become a staple of Basel. There’s no better way to take a trip on its lovely calm waters than on board a traditional ferry which connects Grossbasel with Kleinbasel.


    • There’s no better place to get a Swiss watch than in Basel. : Visit Basel World and fall in love with the wide selection of authentic watches and amazing jewellery. In fact, Basel World is the world’s most important spot for the world’s jewellery and watch industry. Here you will find the best jewellers, watchmakers and the highest qualities of diamonds, gemstones, pearls and so much more.


    • Watch a tennis match at Swiss Indoors: See world-famous tennis players swing their rackets for the win at the Swiss Indoors—rain or shine, the excitement goes on!.


    • See the beauty of the Cathedral (Münster): Any Basel traveller must not miss out visiting the city’s most famous landmark—the Cathedral (Münster). Be in awe as you see the most beautiful building in all of Basel—roof tiles of different colours, twin towers and red sandstone walls truly make this spot as charming as can be.


    • Go on an art trip at the Art Basel: There are over 40 museums across Basel but if you want to see the best of the best when it comes to contemporary and modern art set your visit during the annual Art Basel. This world-famous event doesn’t only happen in Basel but has expanded to Hong Kong and Miami Beach as well.


    • Set your trip on February or March to see the Carnival of Basel: Because it is the largest among all carnivals in Switzerland, the Carnival of Basel has become so exciting with all the colourful costumes, floats and extravagant activities that it was named one of Europe’s top 50 local festivities.