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Leukerabad is undoubtedly Switzerland’s largest spa-wellness mountainous resort situated in the Dala Valley in the canton Wallis. This spa town located in the Valais region of Switzerland is all about water, especially the thermal water bubbling through its 65 springs. Used since the times of Roman, the alpine valley hosts numerous hot springs, thermal baths, spas, stunning beauty with the commendable footstep of history, breathtaking cliffs and views.

Owning to the alpine thermal springs, the place is viewed as a bathing destination from as early as 1501 when a Roman Catholic cardinal purchased rights over the thermal springs and developed them. Today, the place has several public spa resorts where tourists from round the globe come and heal themselves in their therapeutic waters, rich in calcium, sulfur and gypsum. For those requiring it, these resorts have specialized treatment and rehabilitation programs.


The serene beauty of the place makes it a natural attraction for any tourist. The absolutely clean air, mesmerizing mountain backdrop, intense and relaxing local musical vibe can be an ultra-soothing balm to any tired soul. Mother Nature seems to carry an extra healing power here. Swimming is also another very intense pleasure that is majorly pursued here, especially in its thermal baths.


For Hikers, Leukerabad is nothing short of a paradise. It has many specialized routes ideal for hiking like one from Leukerbad to Gemmi Pass via a 250 year old hotel as well as a picturesque lake to finally culminate in Kandersteg in Bernese Oberland. Other popular summer sports include golf, rope climbing through steep rocks and mountains and many other guided tours to bask in the beauty.

Major winter sports include skiing, snow-boarding, snowshoeing, husky trips etc.  For the cultural and heritage lover, the St. Laurent gallery is the place to go which even holds a new exhibition each month.  Above all splurge on shopping and do not forget to indulge in special local wines and special bread.