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The city of Schwyz is the capital of the exact copy name canton and lies in Central Switzerland nestles between the lake Lucerne in the west, the Alps in the south and Lake Zurich in the north. One of the founding cantons of the country, it is the place from which the country was named ‘Switzerland.’ The same city is also responsible for the coats of arms located between the Lucerne Lake and Lauerz Lake and to the city. The city also homes the Forum of Swiss history and all important and critical documents regarding the Swiss Confederation.

The city is an inextricable mix of culture and history, which is easily sniffed by all in the air. Adding an extra edge to the history and culture is the modern shaping and innovation, which mesmerizes every tourist who step inside it.

The city is well connected by water, road as well as train. Easy online transfer booking is also available to make travelling easier for tourists. The place is one of the famous Switzerland summer destinations with an interesting mix of demographic population. The city has quite a reputation for its delicious cherry blossom and numerous cherry specialties. It is also the same destination from where one gets the very famous Swiss penknives. Due to it, the area is also popularly known as the ‘Swiss Knife Valley.

The city offers plenty of appeal and attraction to the tourists worldwide. The nature has bestowed it with mesmerizing wonders like the upland moors, spectacular karstic rock formations, beautiful lakes in the foothill of the Alps, virgin alpine forest in Muotathal and the breathtaking views from Mt. Fronalpstock and Mt. Rigi. Historic structures worth visiting here include the various historic patrician manors and the monastery of Einsiedeln including its world renowned abbey library. To add the modern vibe, it hosts several festivals and events all the year around along with varied carnivals and traditional and modern Swiss sports.