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Switzerland Land of Water by Executive Limousines Services

Switzerland a Land of Water

Switzerland a Land of Water

Switzerland is called land of water having around 1000kms of rivers, 7000 lakes, infinite waterfalls, alpine pools, caves, caverns, and springs breathing days into four famous watercourses flowing into Deep Ocean. This natural resource is one of Switzerland’s key assets.

Switzerland is also known as Europe’s “Water Castle”, most of the important rivers start from the Alps in Switzerland. As the biggest freshwater store inside of Europe, Lake Geneva, additionally a large portion of the streams inside of its catchment represent a few key difficulties for a maintainable freshwater administration inside of Switzerland and, obviously past: anthropogenic full scale and additionally new small scale contaminations. For a significant number of these poisons little is thought about the vehicle and destiny inside of streams and lakes lastly additionally inside of the misused ground waters.

There is a big list of places which proves Switzerland as a Land of water:

Brissago Island
• Island at the Rhine Falls
• The island of Ufenau in Lake Zurich
• Island of Lützelau in Lake Zurich
• Island of Schwanau, Lauerzersee
• Ile d’Ogoz in the Greyerzersee
• Heidsee Islands, Lenzerheide
• Schnittlauch Island in the Walensee
• Ile de la Harpe, Lake Geneva
• Rheinau abbey island
• Werd Island
• Länggrien island in the Aare
• Natural islands in the Rhône
• High moors at Gruère (Jura)
• Grande Cariçaie and Nature Conservation Center Champ-Pittet
• Gonten Barefoot Trail
• Barefoot across the high moor
• Peat Trail – A bog and its history
• Dragon Moor – Nature-Adventure Krienseregg
• Moorland Trail
• Lake Lauenen: Moor, Lakes, and Waterfalls
• Lej Nair and Lej dals Chöds
• Unique High Moorland of National Importance!
• Sparenmoos – mystical moorland walk
• Aegelsee lake and moorland
• Castle ruins and upland moor Sonvilier
• Guided moorland walk
• Alp Flix moorland – “treasure island” for species diversity
• Ponds and moorland in the Pfyn Forest
• Magical Lombachalp
• Schwarzsee
• Lido – Public Bathing Beach
• Lakeside Lido di Lugano
• Kreuzlingen: Strandbad Hörnli
• Plage Salavaux
• Plage d’Avenches
• Nouvelle plage
• Baesi Campsite
• Campsite VD 8 Pointe D’Yvonand
• Mythenquai Lakeside Swimming Area,  Zurich
• Strandkurve
• Nyon Plage
• Lido Locarno
• Gorge of Massa Belalp/Blatten
• Suworow Monument and Schöllenen Gorge
• Geological trail through the Zügen gorge
• Footbridge to the Thermal Springs (Dala Gorges)
• Europe’s Highest Covered Wooden Bridge
• Illgraben-Bhutan Bridge
• Little Known Natural Wonder, Wolfenschiessen
• Hanging on a Rope Above the Gorge Alpine, Saas-Fee
• Impressive water display at the Choleren Gorge
• Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge: Mightily Romantic
• Through the tropical-alpine Brenno Gorge
• On Muleteers’ Trails through the Leventina
• Dailley Gorge: Unspoilt Natural Jewel
• Through the Areuse Gorge Couvet
• Môtiers – Poëta Raisse – Chasseron – Ste-Croix
• Nozon Gorge: Waterfalls between Romainmôtier and La Sarraz
• Along the Lorze River to Lake Zug
• Kaltbrunnen Valley
• Magglingen – Twannbach Ravine – Twann
• Alpine garden and bear’s lair above Bex
• The Covatannaz Gorge: an Energy trail
• From the City to the Hills via the Canyon
• The Tabeillon Coomb
• Val d’Uina – S-charl
• Glacier Ravine – Pristine Beauty
• Taubenloch Gorge – steep gorge at the edge of town
• Tüfels Gorge
• Wolves Gorge
• The Aa Gorge – Engelberg Aa
• The Park of the Breggia Gorge
• The Gorges of the Jogne
• “Tête-Noire” Gorge
• Alpbach Gorge
• Gastern Valley and Chluse
• Gorges du Chauderon
• Netstal – Löntschtobel – Klöntalersee
• Alter Schyn – the Schyn Gorge

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