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Fribourg Fribourg, one of the largest medieval towns of Switzerland is a unique destination which is nestled on a rocky promontory and enveloped by the Saane River on its three sides. It is a unique city showcasing medieval charms along with the most prominent language divide of Switzerland. The city stands as an important economic, administrative and educational hub along with its symbolic cultural border. The west bank of the Saane River is the French-Speaking Switzerland while its east bank is dominated by the German speaking population. Its rich and diverse cultural cocktail, sizeable student population and Catholicism give this town a unique and original vibe while its feisty nightlife...
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Why Americans should visit Switzerland

Why Americans should visit Switzerland Americans are generally quite busy at their daily chores and do not find time for leisure trips however, if they do find time it becomes an imperatively challenging task to determine the place that best account their nature and should provide something different to what has been found in America too. To make things simpler for the American planning their trip I recommend a visit to Switzerland which will not only bring delight to their faces but will have something to reminiscence about in the future. Switzerland is a surrounded by land republic, adjoining Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Liechtenstein, making it an excellent initial...
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20 reasons to visit Switzerland

20 reasons to visit Switzerland Haven’t chosen a place to spend a wonderful winter vacation yet? Look no further! Despite the fact that Switzerland is ideal for skiing and snowboarding, there are still numerous activities to browse that don’t require goggles. Here are 20 reasons to visit Switzerland. Now, you know why your next excursion goal ought to be Switzerland! 1. Are you ready to hear Top 4 different languages of Europe and then Switzerland is your vacation spot. 2. Taste the Unique Switzerland Rosti and Cheese Fondue. 3. Make trip to Switzerland 150 years old chocolate factory, Maestrani Chocolate Factory. 4. Switzerland takes place 7th position, according to safest...
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