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Kleine Scheidegg

Kleine Scheidegg Beneath the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau  valleys, 2061 meters above sea level, lies the spectacular mountain pass-Kleine Scheidegg. The meaning of its name is ‘minor watershed’, despite it being higher than its neighbor, Grosse Scheidegg. From the mountain, one gets the privilege of the spectacular and breathtaking sight of the notorious Eiger North Wall. Going by the legend, in 1936, four mountain climbers met their fate on this wall in extremely dramatic conditions with quite a crowd of spectators watched them helplessly. A film was also made later based on the same story. These views from the mountain are awe-inspiring and have a special reputation. Like a kaleidoscope,...
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Central Switzerland

Central Switzerland Historically touted as the place of origin of Switzerland, Central Switzerland is located in the Alpine foothills and formed cumulatively with the Swiss Cantons of Uri, Obwalden, Schwyz, Nidwalden, Lucerne and Zug. Switzerland was born here after a few people of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden, united here to form a group at the Rütli Meadow on November 7, 1307. Every year, on August first, the Swiss national holiday, locals gather at the meadow to commemorate the oath and the pact. The destination offers a mesmerizing beauty to its visitors with mists rising off the water and the Alp Mountains looking like looming over the sun, while you can...
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20 reasons to visit Switzerland

20 reasons to visit Switzerland Haven’t chosen a place to spend a wonderful winter vacation yet? Look no further! Despite the fact that Switzerland is ideal for skiing and snowboarding, there are still numerous activities to browse that don’t require goggles. Here are 20 reasons to visit Switzerland. Now, you know why your next excursion goal ought to be Switzerland! 1. Are you ready to hear Top 4 different languages of Europe and then Switzerland is your vacation spot. 2. Taste the Unique Switzerland Rosti and Cheese Fondue. 3. Make trip to Switzerland 150 years old chocolate factory, Maestrani Chocolate Factory. 4. Switzerland takes place 7th position, according to safest...
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Muerren Muerren a village in Bernese Oberland. This place never fails to impress its tourists, this line is a best fit to one of the most amazing and God gifted place on the earth called Switzerland. You are sure to get bamboozled by the scenic beauty, the outrageous mountains, the highly paved roads and the 365 days a year lush greenery which anticipates your arrival any time of the year and that is a place we generally refer to as the heaven on the earth. Switzerland is a place full of miraculously good looking adventure spots and Muerren is one of them. Muerren is a customary Walser mountain town in...
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Switzerland’s TOP 10 Holiday Hotel Resorts

Switzerland’s TOP 10 Holiday Hotel Resorts Switzerland is a TOP destination and it has a lot to provide. We from Executive Limousines Services checked out the Switzerland’s TOP 10 Holiday Hotel Resorts: They are located in Ascona, St.Moritz, Vitznau, Gstaad and Zermatt. We could do a neverendless list full of TOP Holiday Hotel Resorts in Switzerland, but we start with the first ten resorts. All of them are absolutely awesome and fantastic. Here we go with our rating: EDEN ROC in Ascona The HOTEL EDEN ROC was picked as the best occasion inn in Switzerland for the fourth time by business magazine “Bilanz”. The current sumptuous HOTEL EDEN ROC was...
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Ski Vacations – Learning How to Ski

Ski Vacations – Learning How To Ski If your family wants to go skiing on your next vacation, but you don’t know how to ski, go ahead and plan that ski vacation anyway! You can learn how to ski, and you will have a great time doing it. You don’t even need to know the first thing about skiing before you arrive at the resort – all of the knowledge you will need is there waiting for you, and you can literally be skiing down a mountain after an hour of instruction. Learning to ski is really quite easy. Most resorts have a ski school on the premises, and lessons...
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Family Ski Vacation

Planning a Family Ski Vacation It’s time to plan the family vacation – and everyone wants to go skiing. Don’t worry, skiing isn’t as expensive as you might think, and there are numerous resorts that cater to families, offering a variety of packages designed to save you money. The problem will be choosing the destination. Most ski resorts have websites. Start the planning process by accessing these websites to determine where you and your family might want to go for your family ski vacation. There are many different things to look for when choosing a resort. The absolute most important thing to look for is a ski school if someone...
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LAAX – more than skiing Laax is situated in Graubünden at an altitude of 1016 meters above sea level.  It is a place of stunning natural beauty, picturesque surroundings, beautiful snow-filled mountains and large snow areas which makes way for a fantastic skiing experience as well as opportunities for other winter sporting activities. Some Important Facts About Laax This enchanting place finds its origins in the 12th century. It has the ‘Families Welcome’ seal from the Swiss Tourism Board. There are many family friendly accommodations available here to suit various needs. Laax is part of Flims and Falera ski resort. These three resorts are referred to as the Weisse Arena...
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Engelberg Whether you’re looking to read more about a holiday you’ve booked, a sightseeing tour, a trip you’re hoping to take, an exploration or you’re simply in need of some inspiration? Engelberg is a suitable destination. Engelberg will not be in the choice of places to visit, without knowing exactly what makes Engelberg come alive and interesting. Engelberg is located in Central Switzerland which houses the prestigious mountain resort. There is plenty of things to do in Engelberg, Switzerland. With an impressive array of tourist activities, as well as a rich history for those fascinated in that subject, it offers a lot to both backpackers and tourist alike. The village is...
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Jungfrau Joch – Railway

Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe – Railway Jungfrau Railway – stunning way to reach Top of Europe. It is not unusual for anyone whenever we hear Switzerland the first thing that struck our mind is “Heaven on the face of the Earth”. People all around the globe generally feels like Swiss people are the lucky enough individuals who are bestowed with such scenic beauty and they should always be thankful to the nature for giving them such a piece of land. The land which never disappoint its citizen when they are to show off about the piece of the mother land they are living in. It is generally believed God...
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