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Wedding in Switzerland

Wedding in Switzerland

If your preferred marriage style is White wedding in castle, ski resorts, lakeside city, snow mountains and then Switzerland is the perfect location for your marriage or wedding event. The wedding in Switzerland is a beautiful and vital event must be flawless and both bride and groom should feel relaxed, refreshing and enthusiastic for the visitors. Bring together of them is the heaven mean. Making a one of a kind wedding is about style and experience. Each snippet of the wedding is unique time that ought to be seen with delight and satisfaction.

Now let’s discuss about some beautiful top venues for your Wedding in Switzerland,

  • Castles & Chateaux

  • Aigle Chateaux – It is located in centre of a gorgeous vineyard in Switzerland, nearby Montreux. Aigle Chateau is a delightful castle from twelfth century. For your Aigle Castle Weddings, there are a few rooms, salons, and spaces accessible for functions and gatherings of all sizes. For winter weddings, here you will have the capacity to appreciate the working indoor genuine chimneys too, which can be utilized amid your wedding!
  • Coppet Chateau – It is an enchanting castle near Geneva and International air terminal (up to 30 minutes via auto). The wedding in the chateau’s greenery enclosure are with the perspective view on the coppet castle and on the lake.
  • Glerolles Castle Lake Geneva – Astonishing castle with direct lake access with boat travel to Lausanne or Montreux. Almost no crowd and movement around which means place of peace and privacy. Conceivable garden wedding service with or without mixed cocktail. Accessible all local wines.
  • The list keep on grows like Rich Historical Chillon Castle, Katzenzungen, Lavaux etc.


  • Ski Resort


  • Le Hameau Chapel, Verbier – is a flawless venue for little intime wedding services. It can held catholic, protestant and common services.


  • Zermatt Mountain Ceremonies – From the minute you foot off your Switzerland-red train, and see the cobbled roads and horses quietly sitting tight for their rides, you know you are in an exceptional spot. There are no autos here. This instantly makes an inviting environment. The air is new and elevated. In any case, more than this, you promptly feel a part of the farm town. It attracts you. Most everybody is by walking, local people and guests alike. The fundamental road clamors cheerfully with people on foot. There are no generic visit transports burping out clamor, vapor, and bundle vacationers. Zermatt is no auto through-course. The train stops here. All excursions on from here are by walking or ski. Everybody arrives on the grounds that they cherish mountains. Strolling through the cobbled ways of town, between the antiquated sun blazed outbuildings and chalets, you get your first look at the Matterhorn and know you have gone to the opportune spot.




  • Exceptional Venues


Igloo Villages – This thrilling area gives staggering perspectives of the glorious Swiss Matterhorn and is an immaculate area for a 100% assurance of snow and ice! Your wedding function in Igloo will be an enchantment gift for every one of your visitors.


Schilthorn 007 – If you are searching for a 007 premise wedding venue then Schilthorn is certainly the venue for you! You and your visitors will wonder about the dazzling perspectives of the hills and peaks of the breathtaking Alps.


Jungfraujoch or Top of Europe – The extraordinary excursion to the high-Alpine wonderland of interminable ice and snow is the genuine “highlight” of a visit to Switzerland. At a stunning 3,454 meters, this is Europe’s most noteworthy elevation train station. More about Jungfraujoch or Top of Europe

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